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2007 October 15
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by Tim V-B

Christianity does not sit well with self-belief. No religion or faith or philosophy is quite so negative about humanity’s propensity to be self-deluded, deceived, or just plain wrong!

“The heart is deceitful beyond all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” says Jeremiah 17:9

Occasionally, this is noticed by others. Here’s an article from saying “The Brain is not your friend”. A sample:

A mind is a terrible thing. Whether because of the brain’s internal structure or the way social and cultural pressures cause our minds to develop and function, in the end the result is the same: minds that are not only easily deceived and frequently deceptive in their own right, but when caught out, refuse to accept and address their errors. If you have a mind — or even half a mind — you might be best off losing it entirely. Barring that, though, there are a few things you should know about the enemy in your head. Before it hurts someone.

The article ends up a bit positivistic – thinking we may be able to fix it. The reality is we might be able to tweak ourselves, but only Jesus Christ can really sort us out. A life-time task completed only at the resurrection, I might add!

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