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A New Blog in Town – Christ The Truth

2007 November 29

Head over to for a chance to worship God with your mind. You will find some awesome theology to get you thinking and get you praising! It’s written by Glen Scrivener, one of my best friends since we lived and worked together at All Souls, Langham Place back in 2000-2001.

The name of the blog – “Christ The Truth” expresses its core conviction: that Jesus Christ IS The Truth. Just as there is no Way to God outside of Jesus, and we cannot experience the Life of God outside of Jesus, so also we do not know the Truth about God unless we begin with Jesus Christ. Yet very often we use the G word: G-O-D as if by simply using it everyone knows who we’re talking about. This is not the case. If I were to say I enjoyed watching 11 men kicking a leather ball around a pitch, and you said the same, it could be that we support the same team but more likely we don’t! It’s the same in theology – which is to say it’s true for all of life – the true meaning of G-O-D is discovered as the Spirit brings us into union with Jesus the Son of the Father.

So go and have a read. As you’ll discover, one obvious point of relevance is in the whole issue of inter-faith dialogue, which I wrote about here.

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