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Luther’s and marriage

2008 March 7
by Tim V-B

Justin Taylor (of Between Two Worlds) wrote an article called “Love and Marriage: Luther Style” which can be found here.  It’s an enjoyable read; my two favourite lines:

  1. “Luther didn’t believe in long engagements. In fact, he had one of the shortest engagements in history — he proposed to Katherine and they were married that very same day (June 13, 1523).”
  2. “Luther’s faith was simple enough to trust that after a conscientious day’s labor, a Christian father could come home and eat his sausage, drink his beer, play his flute, sing with his children, and make love to his wife — all to the glory of God!”
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  1. yemsee permalink
    March 7, 2008

    awesome stuff.. thx

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