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Mining the Web (7 March 2008)

2008 March 7

Some good resources available at the moment:

Reformed Confessions from

This month’s free offer (add MAR2008 to the relevant box when your order) is audio files with the Augsburg, Westminister and Heidelburg Confessions. I have issues with many Reformed confessions but they could be useful. One day I’d like to write a catechism that is a) theologically in line with Christ The Truth, and b) suitable for kids. With a 3 year old daughter I don’t want to wait around too long!

Modern Parables – free (lo-res) download for personal use

Modern parables are modern cinematic re-tellings of Jesus’ parables, done to very high quality, with teaching material. Now you can download lo-res versions suitable for an ipod or anything that plays .m4v files – and they are FREE! For personal use only, and the site will remind you (quite correctly) of the 8th commandment. Have a look, and if you think they’re good let me know – I’d love to buy a set for use in church / youth group etc but I’d rather split the cost with someone and share the DVDs.

Here’s a trailer:

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