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The Anglican Debacle

2008 March 18
by Tim V-B

You are probably aware of the crisis that the Anglican Communion is in, but may be unclear about the details. Or maybe you’ve only vaguely heard of it. Dr Mark Thompson has written an article called ‘The Anglican Debacle‘ which gives a good summary of the story so far. It’s important to be familiar with the facts on the ground, because if one thing is certain – the next few months will have lots of stories about the Anglican Church, and very few of them will be accurate!

I have two great friends who were recently ordained in The Episcopal Church, USA – in South Carolina, which is the most evangelical Diocese in the States. This is not a remote issue!

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  1. Robert Oates permalink
    March 22, 2008


    You may recall that I am Helen Clare’s father. We are so thankful to the Lord, as well as excited for Adam and Helen Clare, about the possibility of their joining the staff at Christ Church Stone in the near future. Thank you for the pivotal role that you have played in this. I am so pleased that Adam may be ministering with you there in Stone.

    I also appreciate your blogsite and your contending for the truth! Yes, we in the PCA are having to address the “New Perspectives on Paul/Federal Vision” controversy. No doubt you are well aware that N.T. Wright is very involved in all of this.

    Please know of my prayers for the ministry there and my eagerness to see it first hand one of these days.

    Rob Oates

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