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A few good things

2008 July 31

Well, I missed the Dwell Conference in  London (as mentioned here) and as soon as I disover if any audio or video is available, I’ll mention it here.  “As soon” being a very loose term for “sometime, maybe, perhaps” in keeping with the general laxity of this blog!

Oh, here’s one: a video of a Q and A session at Adrian Warnock’s site.

Another conference I can’t go to is the Total Church conference in San Diego starting 12th August.  To see what sessions and seminars will be taking place, Drew Goodmanson has them here.  Looks brilliant, and I’m hoping this too will have media available for us who can’t attend.

Drew Goodmanson (church planter in San Diego) mentioned a course called “Sonship” and “Gospel Transformation” published by World Harvest Mission.  Go take a look at the material, or check out the comment by my friend Glen.  These courses look great because they realise that the gospel isn’t simply what we believe when we become Christians, it is what we go on believing to grow as Christians.  To anyone out there running courses, here’s one called “Gospel Centered Life” which is currently available as a free pdf download.  Actually, even if you’re not running courses go grab it.  I promise its contents wills be extremely helpful.


Week 1 – The Gospel Grid
Leader’s Guide
Article: “The Gospel Grid”
Supplement: Six Ways of Minimizing Sin

Week 2 – Performance
Leader’s Guide
Article: “Shrinking the Cross Through Performance”
Exercise Handout: Orphans vs. Sons

Week 3 – Dishonesty
Leader’s Guide
Article: “Shrinking the Cross Through Dishonesty”
Exercise Handout: Right and Wrong

Week 4 – The Law Drives You to Christ
Leader’s Guide
Article: “The Law and the Gospel”
Exercise Handout: Tim Keller’s Gospel Grid

Week 5 – Lifestyle Repentance
Leader’s Guide
Article: “True Repentance vs. False Repentance”

Week 6 – Transformational Faith
Leader’s Guide
Article: “Heart Idolatry”

Week 7 – Mission
Leader’s Guide
Article: “The Gospel Propels Us Outward”
Exercise Handout: Getting to the Heart of Mission

Week 8 – Forgiveness
Leader’s Guide
Article: “The Gospel Empowers Us To Forgive”
Exercise Handout: Getting to the Heart of Forgiveness

Week 9 – Conflict
Leader’s Guide
Article: “The Gospel Helps Us Fight Fairly”
Exercise Handout: Gospel-Centered Conflict Resolution

2 Responses
  1. July 31, 2008

    Hi Tim. I did get to the Dwell conference – the Q&A session that adrian warnock has on his blog was the low point – there was too much made of wives and families in a setting where there were many single men and women!

    I’ll write up my notes from the other sessions in the conference and post them on my blog.

    hope you’re getting on fine and you enjoyed “Priesthood and Presidency!”


  2. July 31, 2008

    Thanks for the kind words about us at WHM!! Bob and Will’s “Gospel Centered Life” material is really great… so good in fact that we are working with them to help it come under the WHM umbrella so that it can gain a wider hearing.

    You may (or may not) be aware that we have several WHM teams in and around London. One of our guys, Johnny Long, is working very purposefully with pastors in the UK to help them develop their “gospel skills” as they seek to teach and minister from a gospel centered, grace motivated perspective. You can find out more about him at his website: If the desire is there on your part, please feel free to contact him (you can mention that I pointed you in his direction; it’s good for his soul to know that he owes me one 😉

    Thanks again for your generous words and blessing on your work,

    Patric (on behalf of WHM’s Gospel Resource Network)

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