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Lambeth: an interview with Greg Venables

2008 August 4
by Tim V-B

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of things you could read about the Lambeth Conference, and it could take you hours.  This 35 minute interview with Archbishop Greg Venables will be far far more useful.  Take some time out and watch it all.

There may be a few things you don’t understand unless you’ve been following the whole affair.  In particular:

The reference to Sudan is about a statement the Sudanese Bishops put out, a few days into Lambeth, making clear that the actions of The Episcopal Church (i.e. USA) was very wrong, and calling for Gene Robinson to resign.  It caused a helpful shock to the system.

The reference to Bishop Mathes (prounounced “Mathias” in the interview) is a reference to the fact that Greg Venables has taken oversight of several Dioceses who feel unable to remain within their Province.  It would be a bit like Bishop Jonathan (Diocese of Lichfield) coming under the authority of an Archbishop of another country, rather than Rowan Williams.  Very controversial, but arguably a necessary step with The Episcopal Church is in such a mess.

Do watch it.  Greg Venables loves the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be encouraged by this, even if you share his opinion that the Anglican Communion is in a very unhealthy state.

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