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An assembly on The Prodigal Son

2008 October 17
by Tim V-B

A few weeks ago I did an assembly for our local First Schools (ages 4-8/9) on the Prodigal Son.  The method was:

1. Read the story

2. Explain the basic point

3. Re-read the story with the children making actions / sounds when they hear key words.

My main aim was that the children learn the story, as so many people these days have no knowledge whatsoever of the Bible.  Having the children listen for key words means they are paying close attention to the reading.  I used the Good News Bible (I think) but adapted it so that the key words were more frequent.  For example, at the end the father says “… your brother lived with pigs but now he’s home. He was lost but now he’s been found.”  Okay, it’s a bit dodgy to change the Bible – but I reckoned the children would enjoy another opportunity to oink!

The text (and a few suggested actions / sounds) can be found here.  If you use it for real, I suggest you ask the children to come up with sounds / actions but don’t hesitate to bring your own ideas in.

And for Glen’s comments on this parable: go here.

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