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Lent Challenge 2009

2009 February 25
by Tim V-B

It’s a little bit late – given that today is Ash Wednesday – but here’s a challenge for you:

Read the Bible COVER-to-COVER during Lent!

Seems a bit daunting – but I’m inspired by this quote from Ron Frost:

I’ve done it twice myself and was startled both times by the rewards it offers.”

Have a look at this flyer I created for our churches. Set a challenge to read a large section of the Bible – or even the whole lot.  Alternatives include the whole OT; Genesis, Isaiah and NT; the Prophets.  You stand absolutely zero chance of understanding the whole lot. The aim is to discover the LORD’s character as you are immersed in the Scriptures.

If you want to accept the main challenge – I suggest you read Psalms on a different schedule (perhaps using my Psalms-in-a-month plan) because it’s hard to read the Psalms at high speed.  This leaves a suggested schedule:

Week 1: Genesis – Deuteronomy

Week 2: Joshua – 2 Kings

Week 3: Ezra – Song of Songs (not Psalms)

Week 4: Isaiah – Ezekiel

Week 5: Daniel – Malachi, 1 and 2 Chronicles

Week 6: New Testament

It’s ambitious – but what a great thing to do!  I’m already a day behind (and it’s day one…), but I’ve got several hours on a train tomorrow to make a good start.  If anyone out there decides to join in, let me know here and maybe we can have a post each week to discuss what we’ve discovered.

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  1. David Beauchamp permalink
    March 1, 2009

    Ok, so I skimmed some of Jeremiah and read through Luke, but never really got the oomph to keep at it until your challenge last week. I’m going to cheat a bit, I’m afraid, as it’s not that long really since I read up to Psalms, so I’m going to pick up there and see if I can make it to the end. A bit of a sad comment that it seems like such a chore, but I suppose it’s because there is so much that is either difficult or deep. I do like the plan of doing Psalms on a different schedule, though.
    Right, now I’ve committed myself in writing and in public, I’d better do it.
    Thanks for all the encouragement!

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