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Memorising Scripture

2009 July 6
by Tim V-B

I’m not going to argue the benefits of memorising Scripture, simply point you to some tips for memorising verse (as in poetry) which will be just as valid for memorising sections of the Bible.  Not that I’ve tried, yet…

How to memorise verse

1. Read the poem to yourself. Then read the first line out loud. Look away from the page and say the line again. If you made a mistake, try again. Repeat the procedure for every line in the poem.
2. Go back to the beginning. This time, read the first two lines out loud, look away and repeat them out loud. If you made a mistake, try again. Go through the whole poem two lines at a time.
3. Repeat the process three lines at a time, then four lines, five and then six. “By the sixth pass, no matter how long the poem, you will have memorised it.”
4. Recite the whole poem just before you go to bed at night.
5. The next day, after a peep at the first line to kick-start your memory, you should find that you can recite the whole poem.

Tips from Daisy Goodwin, in The Week (25 October 2008) page 38.

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