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The Bible as Story with Commentary (1)

2009 August 6
by Tim V-B

One of the biggest problems when dealing with the Old Testament is not knowing where you are. Dipping into, say, David and Goliath and wondering what is going on. Or reading about the temple being rebuilt and thinking it’s about church building projects.

Think of the Bible as this: a story with commentary.

A story that begins with Creation and ends with New Creation.

In between these fixed points we have Noah, Abraham, the Exodus, David, the Exile, Return, Incarnation, Cross, Pentecost, Us, Return of Christ.

And we have commentary. Prophets are, by and large, commentary on the state of Israel during the Kings following David. They are also commentary on how the Story is going to develop.  The Psalms are poetic commentary on life within this Story.  In the same way, we might think of the Epistles as commentary on the nature of the church following Pentecost and before the return of Christ.  The Epistles help us live as those incorporated into God’s Story.

If this is the case, before dipping into the commentary we need to know the Story.

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