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The Ordinary Hero (1)

2009 August 6
by Tim V-B

At the Keswick Convention last week I pickup up a copy of Tim Chester’s latest book, The Ordinary Hero.

Click here to buy from Amazon

Click here to buy from Amazon

Having read it I must say this: it’s fantastic. Read it!

So good, in fact, that it is a likely contender for my “First book to give to a Christian to read” prize (after the Bible, of course).  As someone with a wall full of books, that’s quite a recommendation!

I’ll post some quotes and comments about it over the next few days / months / years (depending on whether this blog regains any sense of regular output!).  For now, here is Tim Chester’s description of the book:

This hard-hitting book shows how the cross and resurrection provide the pattern for Christian discipleship, in the process calling Christians to a radical new way of living. It calls on people:
* to live out the radical implications of grace
* to apply the way of the cross, the way of sacrificial love and service, to every area of life
* to accept the pattern of suffering followed by glory as normative for Christians
* to pursue spiritual power not for its own sake, but as a means of living the weakness of the cross
* to live adventurous, risk-taking lives because we live for the world to come

And here is him describing what it’s about:

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