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Mining the web

2009 October 15
by Tim V-B

More stuff from around the interweb that I’ve enjoyed and want to stash somewhere. Might as well be here!  This is a fraction of the 200+ blog posts in Google Reader that I have starred for further reading.  And the 340+ on my ‘Read It Later’ list.  Oh dear…

Jesus died to make you angry. Paul Tripp explains how we are delivered from wrong anger but called to feel the righteous anger of God against sin and its effects.

Not receiving it – receiving Him. Glen writes about how we need to speak of Jesus and offer Him to sinners.  Don’t offer abstractions (forgiveness, hope) but offer the person (who brings forgiveness, hope, etc).  As I’ve said before, if you’re reading this blog make sure you also read Christ The Truth. It’s much better!

A Personal Liturgy of Confession. [HT: JT] A useful resource for helping people confess sin to God, particularly where feelings of guilt run deep.  Based on some good old Anglican prayers!

Do people really like Jesus? It is often claimed – with some justification! – that people are rejecting church but are still curious about Jesus.  Well, I know what they are saying, but what happens if people are confronted with the real Jesus?

Talks by Tim Chester. If I had to stop reading all blogs except a very small number, Tim Chester’s would remain a priority.  I thoroughly recommend anything by him.  Over at Atmosphere Church you’ll find some talks by him (and others) following the “Lead 09” conference.  Audio is available, video is coming.

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