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More Tim Keller

2009 October 15
by Tim V-B

If you’ve heard of Tim Keller you’ll know why I’m a fan.  My wife Caroline and I quite often have one of his sermons playing through our mobile phone as we walk to and from Stone.  Some new resources I’ve come across: This is the site of the new campaign and thinking about the future of Redeemer Church, NY.  It’s a sort of back-to-basics campaign to renew Redeemer’s commitment to church planting in New York and to get more of the congregation involved in the life of the church.  Well worth browsing the (very nicely presented) site to see how they hope to develop.  An added bonus is that the current sermon series, on Hope, is available for free download as each sermon is preached.

The Prodigal God. Tim Keller’s book, The Prodigal God, has been turned into a DVD series with attending sermons, i.e. you would aim to put the whole church through 5/6 weeks of focus on this famous parable.  There’s a nice trailer for the DVDs, which I’ve just discovered can be obtained from Amazon.  You can download 6 sermons (MP3 files) and sermon outlines for another 5 sermons (all free).  If you’re a preacher- get them, listen to them and stash them away for a future sermon series!

Although not free (7 sermons at $2.50 each), I’ve just been listening to his series on “The Gospel According to Abraham.”  Really enjoyed them.  He doesn’t quite come out and say all the appearances of the LORD are appearances of the pre-incarnate Son, but they remain thoroughly Jesus-focussed material.

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