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Deep Psychology of the Gospel, part 3

2009 November 22
by Tim V-B

(This is part 3 of Paul Tripp’s talk.  Part 1 here; Part 2 here.  Paul Tripp’s aim has been to lay out a wide-ranging doctrine of sin.  This leaves not much time for the cure!)

This is the diagnostics.  What about the cure?  Not much time for this!  Cure is NOT a system of redemption.  It is not 12 steps to happiness, or any other methodology.  We can usefully utilise all that the world is learning, but on the issue of CURE we have a fundamental difference.  We do not offer a system.  We offer much more than this.  We offer much more than a code of conduct that defines normal.  Don’t try to argue for a better ideology.

We offer a REDEEMER.  Our hope is in the Person, Presence, Promises, Provision and Power of a Redeemer.

Hope is not a set of insights or a strategy.  Hope is a person: his name is Jesus.

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