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Join Jesus in praying for the church

2010 January 12
by Tim V-B

You’ve read the post on Isaiah 62, right?  And you’ve read Glen’s post on Jesus praying for us, right?

Okay, now it’s safe to think about our own prayer life.  In Isaiah 62:6-7 Jesus says he has posted watchmen to pray ceaselessly.  We are encourage to “give ourselves no rest” and “give him [the LORD] no rest” until the Church is the praise of the earth.

(Note, see Hebrews 12:22 on why followers of Jesus are the true Jerusalem.)

For a good illustration, taken from my most recent sermon:

One group of Christians took this seriously, and made a huge impact for the growth of Christianity.  In the 1720s, in Germany, Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf had established a community of refugees on his estate, a real mix of Christians.  He called this community Herrnhut, meaning ‘The Lord’s watch’ after this chapter.  There were a lot of tensions between the differing Christian groups, and Zinzendorf’s response was the set up a round-the-clock prayer watch, with the Moravian Christians praying in one hour shifts.

I’ve been in prayer meeting that were several hours long, on this principle.  But this prayer watch lasted over 100 years!

The Holy Spirit came with power upon these Christians, resulting in missionary teams being sent out across the world.  John Wesley was converted through a Moravian missionary.  Some felt called to be missionaries to Caribbean slaves – and the only way to reach the slaves was for the missionaries to sell themselves into slavery.   William Carey, known as the father of the missionary movement, was in fact inspired by the Moravians.

Here were Christians, watchmen on the walls, who gave themselves no rest, and gave God no rest, and the church exploded with life bringing thousands into the Kingdom of God.

(You’ll find this information all over the web e.g. here and here.)

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